I’m Alex Romo, or otherwise known as “SparkyMcSparks” online. I’m a Game Designer currently living in the Los Angeles area.

I began my game design career in wanting to make games when I realized at a young age I could modify the games I was playing and share the experience I created with others. This led to a hungry passion of constantly making content and releasing it to get feedback and iterating, learning new lessons along the way.

As I’ve made the switch to professional game development I still have a wonderful resourcefulness to my work and focus on user experiences, in addition to a stubborn refusal to acknowledge dead-ends due to my willingness to prioritize my creative intent over technical hurdles.

Coming from the modding community continues to influence me a designer as still I enjoy playing / creating new content in my free time and actively seeking out that feedback iteration loop to better understand what players want. I continue to foster my modding roots assisting other content creators to help their content quality turnaround become even better.