Release Date: AprilĀ 2008

I got the idea for this level after reading on forums that people wondered why a level was never officially in the Call of Duty franchise where you play a bad guy, so I went ahead and tackled it. In this map you are a soldier in the Middle East, you are tasked with holding the town for as long as you can as the American forces try to take the city over.

The map isn’t perfect with a few lingering bugs, but I’d like to think of it as one of the few solid Singleplayer maps put out by a modder in the PC community. It’s gotten quite a bit of praise from people who liked the change in theme and the hectic fighting in the level. This was my first attempt at a level of detail in gameplay scripting present in stock Call of Duty maps, it presented a great learning experience which I feel I have gotten better at since making this map.

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