Call of Duty: Black Ops II


Tasks: design, gameplay scripting

Created the new Buildables utility that allowed players to scavenge for pieces and craft weapons, a mechanic that is still used today in newer titles. Designed the Bus that takes players to remote parts of the level, and its Automaton AI driver which was heavily inspired by Johnny Five and the robots from Batman: Mask of Phantasm. Zombies can jump onto the bus and break in creating a moving platform of death.

With assisting the move of Zombies to the Multiplayer engine, I prototyped several PvP game modes that would eventually become Grief and Survival — pitting two teams of survivors against each other while battling hordes of zombies.

Die Rise (DLC1)

Tasks: design, gameplay scripting

In a new level built with an emphasis on verticality, I created Perk elevators that randomized where they were at the start of the map and would intermittently change floors during gameplay as a means to force players to move around. With the Buildables system proving as a fun new utility, I designed new equipment such as the Trample Steam to fling players between skyscrappers or act as a weapon to fling zombies to their death.

An earlier PvP game mode I had cooking around was Turned, letting all but one player be a zombie against their friend in a King of the Hill mode to stay alive the longest as a human. Weapons got progressively weaker adding a sense of fear and struggle to stay on top of the score hill.

Buried (DLC3)

Tasks: design, layout, gameplay scripting

I originally pitched a level about an underground city inspired by the abandoned tunnels in New York, this would become a team favorite for it’s eerie underground world leading to the inception of Buried. New Buildables I designed included the HeadChopper that Players could place on any surface to chop apart the undead foes, and the Subwoofer which interplayed with the old Turbine buildable to create a deadly blast of audio to fling away zombies.

We knew we wanted a mansion underground, so that got me thinking of a garden in back as an opportunity to fight zombies. I laid out and designed a hedge move with shifting walls and zombies reaching out to slow down the player through the walls — a very high risk to want to go through it but a big reward of Pack-a-Punch awated players at the end of it.

The PvP mode I designed, Turned, returned again as players now took the roles of zombified brothel workers.