Call of Duty: Black Ops III

New World

Tasks: design, layout, gameplay, technical & cinematic scripting

The tutorial level of the game allowed for us to display all the cybernetic abilities the player can utilize, so I created set pieces as part of the natural level progression to instinctively teach players as they played a simulation of chasing a bomber across rooftops.

The player fights on a moving bullet train that required creating tiles of geometry to procedurally spawn and move past the train to create the illusion the train was moving, and blowing away the corpses of enemies who fell off the sides to maintain that illusion.


Tasks: design, layout, gameplay & cinematic scripting, AI prototyping

One of two levels that made it from the very start of production to shipping, the concept was to essentially have players dropping down the 9 Circles of Hell from Dante’s Inferno with the atmosphere and engagements escalating in tension over time in the underground silo.

I also had the opportunity to prototype AI behaviors for the robotic enemies to create moments of suspense and lead-up to their engagements, most of which which was used for their presence in other levels.

In Darkness

Tasks: design, gameplay, technical & cinematic scripting

Coming onto the level in early alpha, I began working on the extremely powerful storm that hits the play area. From the large waves that push moveable cover and knocking enemies down, the anchor the player bolts into the ground to not be pushed as well, and to the ride along on a tanker ship smashing through buildings, there was a lot involved in selling the immensity of the storm as both a narrative and gameplay piece.

Lotus Towers

Tasks: design, technical & cinematic scripting

I jumped onto the level during alpha when gameplay had been blocked out, but it needed a lot of cinematic love so my responsibility was massaging the gameplay with story beats from beginning to end.

Making the giant apartment complex feel alive with riots involved a work on creating civilians on the sidelines fighting hostile factions, to ones who would play vignettes in the gamespace to lead the player, moving elevators and the rioters throwing molotovs between them, and the civilian militia who fought alongside you.

Der Eisendrache (DLC1)

Tasks: design, layout, gameplay scripting

Worked extensively with the layout of spawn closets, weapon wall buys, and barriers. Did the first passes for new weapons and utilities such as the elemental bows, jump pads that fling players around the map, rocket launch pad, and dragon heads that consume zombie corpses.