Call of Duty: Black Ops

User-Generated Content Tools

Tasks: design, engineering, distribution, documentation

Put together the Black Ops mod tools and ensure their dedicated servers were secure and easy to manage from a user end. I worked closely with the Game Server Providers team to design the user front-end on the GSP side to work with our tool pipeline for user’s distributing and hosting their mods.

I designed and coded the Launcher for a intuitive and robust interface that increased iteration time and accessibility, all based on feedback from World At War SDK Launcher I had been gathering through community interaction during development.

Wii Port

Tasks: design, gameplay scripting, motion controls

I would integrate changes from mainline as it was still in development, redesign level moments to meet performance requirements, and implement Wii motion controls.

Because our streamer memory was low and usually filled up by long cinematics, I pitched the idea to our engineers about splicing up the animations into segments so the cost on the streamer was much smaller as they were loaded in and out in chunks. This became common practice on all levels to have cinematic animations segmented freeing up a lot of our budget.

The end product kept true to it’s Xbox counterpart maintaining the signature cinematic Call of Duty quality while meeting performance expectations on the Nintendo Wii console.