Call of Duty Memory Report

Released: September 2011

Memory Report is written in C#, and uses ObjectViewList C# Wrapper by Phillip Piper.

It reads Linker output CSV files from …\zone_soruce\English\assetinfo and presents them an easier to read interface.

The total memory reported by Mem Report is just that of the assets, and doesn’t account for any memory caches used during Linking which attribute for about +5.0MB depending on the level.

This was made and tested with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It hasn’t been tested with other CoD titles that use Linker but should work.

Unfortunately CoD4 Linker doesn’t output parent stacks, so all the files are placed into root asset categories, rather than stemming from actual parent assets (e.g.┬áModel uses xyz shaders or Weapon uses xyz anims / fx).

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