Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Wii Port

Tasks: design, gameplay scripting, motion controls

I integrated changes from mainline as it was still in development, redesign level moments to meet performance requirements, and implement Wii motion controls.

One of the bigger challenges in porting the New York levels was the maintaining the sense of a large invasion. There is an over abundance of vehicle AI that help sell the fiction of reinforcements from both fronts, both air and ground, of which I logged their paths into a readable string table and swapped out for scripted animated models on splines generated from the string table to save on CPU cycles. It was a technique we used in several levels for the port.

I also took ownership of the Paris levels “Bad and Drag” and “Iron Lady”. Visually and on a level technical degree, they were some of the more complex maps with the franchise’s signature AC-130 moment played from bird’s eye view. This presented technical hurdles with all the engine streaming that is going on to make sure the original level’s fidelity of Paris being seen from the sky was in tact without blowing the streamer budget on the Nintendo Wii.