The Drowned Armory

Tasks: design, gameplay, technical & cinematic scripting, motion controls, AI prototyping

With a small team and lack of resources, we created an episodic puzzle wave shooter in VR. We knew we wanted a companion to help guide you, a better part of my work involved working on the fairy Ami, who not just head and eye tracks you, but also makes physical connections such as tossing your weapons into your hands or shielding you from attacks.

I also saw an opportunity for our puzzles to really capitalize on room-scale so I worked to push the design to call for physical presence such as pulling the puzzle out from the ground or aligning laser beams to bounce off walls around you.

Survival Arena (DLC1)

Tasks: design, gameplay & technical scripting, motion controls, AI prototyping

Our first DLC included a horde mode inspired by the Drowned Armory, I ported the large and menacing boss drone from story mode and designed him to be an integral part of the horde mode that you spar against and rodeo on top of to deal the final blow.