Current Projects

A ‘room scale’ and motion controlled VR game add-on for Source Engine 2.

Players toss a “jack” over a barrier, whichever team’s side it’s on killer Mann Robots will spawn.

Past Projects


Brief examples of a scripter practicing making geometry.

Script side mod that will dump all the entities for a level into a .MAP file that can be opened in the Radiant level editor.

Everyone in biosuits, your life is your suit state. Survive the Nova Six gas outbreak, and your enemies.

Custom Mod Tools Launcher that is intuitive and powerful for content creators.

Memory Report that reads Linker assets output CSV files and presents them in an interface easier to read.

Survive the zombie outbreak in a re-imaging of a Imperial Japan multiplayer map.

Fight along friends to survive the winter holiday Zombie infestation.

Brief experience in the bunker box on D-Day as a German manning a MG42.

Singleplayer level that puts the player on the bad side.