Game Overview

Call of Duty: Black Ops III takes place in 2065, 40 years after the events of Black Ops II, in a world facing upheaval from conflicts, climate change and new technologies. A Third Cold War is ongoing between two global alliances, known as the Winslow Accord and the Common Defense Pact.

My Contributions

Wrapped up Black Ops II Zombies DLC and got to dig into Coop Campaign for our next title working on several missions at different stages from initial pitches, AI prototyping, cinematic scripting and polishing to shipping. Returned to Zombies for DLC. My responsibilities included:

  • Gameplay scripter across multiple cooperative missions and sequences:
    • New World - Tutorial level in a simulated virtual environment
    • Hypnocenter - An eerie descent into cybernetic labs filled with killer robots.
    • Lotus Towers - Violent riots break out in a slum tower block.
    • Der Eisendrache (DLC1) - A German castle filled with zombies and elemental bows.

New World

Tasks: train gameplay setup, technical scripting


Tasks: robot combat, AI behaviors, cinematic scripting

Lotus Towers

Tasks: vehicles, cinematic scripting

Der Eisendrache (DLC1)

Tasks: gameplay setup, technical scripting